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About Us

Pipeline is a full-fledged software house that focuses on Internet of Things (IoT) and providing cloud infrastructure for digitally aware organisations. From companies in the financial services industry to mission-critical organisations such as hospitals and the military, we have served them all. We look forward to serve you!


Our company will provide the best value for money for projects that have been awarded to the company.


Privacy concerns and data protection will be applied to any projects that we have our hands on. Fret not!


Security is our middle name. We give it outmost importance, the same way that you should too!

“Pipeline has always been our go-to solution provider for projects especially involving mission critical within a  short timeframe ”

James, Orbit UK

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

Afeez Aziz

Managing Director

San San

Business Development Director

Azlan Aziz

Technical Director

Ahmad Zhafran

Business Development (Cloud)

Asrar Othman

Business Development (Hardware)

Surya Arfah

Business Development (Government)

What Our Customers Say

Shahruni, Swift

Pipeline is instrumental in ensuring our HSE objectives are met and enabling us to monitor and improve our performance.

Salwa, Petronas

Pipeline is one of our premier Bumiputera partners. We do not have enough of Malaysian companies in this space.

James, Orbit

Pipeline  went over their call of duty to provide out of scope works just to ensure project is sucessfully delivered to us.